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Curation and artistic management
Israeli animation and new media
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Asif is the main annual event of Israeli animation, founded by ASIFA Israel in 2000. It is produced by the Animix Festival in cooperation with the Israeli animation community.

Asif's goal is to celebrate the harvest of year's creativity and to promote the art of animation in Israel. It is achieved by collecting, sorting, documenting and screening Israeli animation films of various genres and using a variety of techniques. Asif includes screenings of selected films and award ceremony.

Between 2007 and 2016 I served as Asif's artistic director.

During these years, the "Yoram Gross Award for Excellency in Animation" has been introduced and awarded to a leading animation creator, and the Asif website has been launched. The website constitutes the data base for documenting contemporary Israeli animation.


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The Israeli animation event
הכוחות הסמויים

Art event at the Science Museum, Jerusalem.

The works in the exhibition create a world in which the forces and the physical dimension are slightly shifted, creating a crack through which power is reflected in a new way - whimsical or surprising. Digital and material arts combine, skew and correspond with the forces driving the world around us.

March 2012

Artists Patricia O'Donovan, Uriel Ofek, Einat Amir, Zeev Engelmayer, Dudu Geva, Guy Itzhaki, Lior Weinstein, Dafna Talitman, Sharon Younger, Dorit Maya Gur, Itamar Mendes Flor, Arie Navon, Elisha Nadel, Ran Nahmias, Orna Portugali, Nira Pereg, Michal Rothschild, Michal Rinot, Eliasaf Shwika, Shmuel Shihor and Uri Shapira.

Curator Gilat Parag


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Forces hidden from view
בעל החלומות.jpg

During the opening of the Israeli Museum of Caricature and Comics in Holon, I found a home and partnership for the idea of creating an animation culture center.

The director of the museum and the curator at that time- Galit Gaon, espoused and helped develop the center in its early years. I examined several animation exhibitions for the museum, which enabled research and basic collection of the history of Israeli animation. The collected material is the basis of the Israeli animation that will be built.

Photo from "Documentation of a dream" | An exhibition and a meeting in honor of the 50th anniversary of Yoram Gross' film "Joseph the Dreamer", 1962. This was the first animation feature film in the Middle East (and the only one made in Israel until "Waltz with Bashir" in 2008).

John Bale, creator of the puppets for the movie | Photograph by Yoram Gross.

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Document the dream | A striving for balance | Adam Bizansky | Lakitzevich | Yuval Nathan |

Animation exhibitions
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