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Where human & computerized senses meet

Teaching and studying physics on tablets using internal and external sensors. The goal of the students is to study physics in an experiential way, which encourages action and research in the physical world, with the screen as a medium and a tool for research.


For Fourier Systems | Project manager Yoni Rave | UX & animation director Gilat Parag | Animation Tamy Sivan | Illustration Eran Mendel and Milena Kelbanov | 2013

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Fourier's physics courseware
Poetry Hacking

Mind Your Poem is an art installation that uses a computer to create poetry based on the user's state of mind. The visitors at the exhibition are invited to participate. They don a headset with brain sensors (EEG - electroencephalography), and the interactive poems are formed instantly based on the user's brain activity. The project mimics the creative process of a poet by mining the brain to illustrate emotional content. It manifests how technology can provide insight into our inner-selves, "the last human frontier".

Creators  Eran Hadas, Dr. Eyal Gruss, Gilat Parag | Scientific adviser  Galit Fuhrmann Alpert | Website created by Asaf Agranat | 2013

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Changes in time focus between a close-up image of an eye, and images of people on the street.

The installation included an animation computer, a camera, a frame with alternating photographs, and myself, and was placed in the window of "The Shop" | 2011



The outside viewers slow down at first, as they see the woman in the window. After a few seconds, they will identify themselves in the animation loop on the monitor in the second window. This is when they often stop and become a significant character in the film created. The Aliyah Street, where the instillation was placed, has a highly diverse population and visitors, which made the process particularly interesting.

To the point of view of the camera.

Time Focus
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