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גיבור העל העברי



The Hebrew Superhero is a cinematic journey into the world of Israeli comics. The film explores the image of the Israeli hero and Israeli identity – from Uri Muri, the first Israeli comics hero created in 1936 by Aryeh Navon and Leah Goldberg, to modern-day heroes, such as Dudu Geva’s giant yellow duck and characters by Shay Charka and Daniella London Dekel, among others. Israeli comics, which had long been on the sidelines of the country’s culture, have become gradually more popular. They have also grown increasingly important in shedding light on the complexities and contradictions of Israeli identity.

Artists interviewed here include Zeev Engelmayer, Dudu Geva, Daniella London Dekel, Shay Charka, Michel Kichka, Yermi Pinkus, Ruthu Modan, Michael Netzer, Giora Rothman, Galit Gaon, Eli Eshed, Uri Phink, Asaf Hanuka and the writer Etgar Keret.

Directors Shaul Betzer & Asaf Galay | Animation Director Gilat Parag | Production Antena Productions- Hila Bashan & Shaul Betzer | Editor Nilli Feller | Animation Studio Poink | 

50min. | Channel 8 | 2015

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